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Due to continued cost increases from suppliers in all areas of my business it has become clear that I cannot maintain the service and quality levels I believe that my customers should receive without increasing my prices. These continued, sharp rises in the cost of raw materials, paper prices, courier services and business utility costs in the last couple of years and recent months, have meant that I have had to take the tough decision to increase my hourly rate (something I have not done for over 10 years) and the cost of some of the printed products I source.

From Monday 2nd May the hourly design rate will increase to £70.00ph

& print costs will be costed per project (as usual) but may see a slight increase.

I realise that price rises are never welcome news, however I've worked hard to minimise the increases that I pass on. I am constantly trying to source the best print at the best prices with a view to minimising the increase, but am not prepared to compromise the quality I deliver. However, I am pretty confident, that on some printed products I may be able to maintain the price (or even lower it) on certain quantity breaks ordered. Here at Zest! Graphics, I'm committed to bringing you the best quality design and print experience possible, and hope that you will understand the decision I've had to make.

Thanking you for your continued support!

Zest! Wishes...

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